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TOPAZ: Tikkun Olam Projects (A-Z)

TOPAZ Mission Statement

TOPAZ (Tikkun Olam Projects from A to Z) creates the focal point for our socially conscious congregation. TOPAZ aims to have an impact on both our congregation and on the greater community by striving to make a difference in our three facets through actions and education.

TOPAZ Facets (Values)

1. Supporting Healthy Households: This facet includes programs that address issues of food security, clothing needs, school needs, and health.

2. Protecting Our Environment: This facet includes programs that address environmental sustainability.

3. Promoting Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: This facet includes programs and activities impacting equality, inclusion, voting rights and outreach.

TOPAZ Charter

  • TOPAZ recognizes that the three facets are not isolated issues, but impact and influence one another. Topaz’s social action projects will be informed by a social justice lens, reflective of our Jewish values and teachings.
  • TOPAZ will work to strengthen these facets through active involvement of all member units at Har Sinai Oheb Shalom Congregation, whether a member chooses to work on one or many aspects of this initiative.
  • TOPAZ is committed to collaborating with our internal and external partners to address underlying needs within our local and global community.
  • TOPAZ will evolve and adapt, striving to meet the needs that are central to Tikkun Olam, while creating an open and welcoming environment for all. 


Looking for more opportunities? Connect with these community partners supported and loved by our members!

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Please email Sheryl Jacobs or Mina Wender if you do volunteer - we want to be able to thank you and hear about your experience.

Get Involved!

Contact Sheryl Jacobs ( or Mina Wender (

TOPAZ meetings occur at 7:30pm on the first Thursday of the month, currently zoom only. Reach out to Sheryl or Mina for more information.

Thu, June 20 2024 14 Sivan 5784