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TOPAZ: Tikkun Olam Projects (A-Z)

TOPAZ Mission Statement

TOPAZ (Tikkun Olam Projects from A to Z) creates the focal point for our socially conscious congregation. TOPAZ aims to have an impact on both our congregation and on the greater community by striving to make a difference in our three facets through actions and education.

TOPAZ Facets (Values)

1. Supporting Healthy Households: This facet includes programs that address issues of food security, clothing needs, school needs, and health.

2. Protecting Our Environment: This facet includes programs that address environmental sustainability.

3. Promoting Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: This facet includes programs and activities impacting equality, inclusion, voting rights and outreach.

TOPAZ Charter

  • TOPAZ recognizes that the three facets are not isolated issues, but impact and influence one another. Topaz’s social action projects will be informed by a social justice lens, reflective of our Jewish values and teachings.
  • TOPAZ will work to strengthen these facets through active involvement of all member units at Har Sinai Oheb Shalom Congregation, whether a member chooses to work on one or many aspects of this initiative.
  • TOPAZ is committed to collaborating with our internal and external partners to address underlying needs within our local and global community.
  • TOPAZ will evolve and adapt, striving to meet the needs that are central to Tikkun Olam, while creating an open and welcoming environment for all. 

TOPAZ (Tikkun Olam Projects from A to Z) Facets

This grass roots committee relies on initiatives from our HSOSC members and is welcoming of other ideas and projects with the support of our congregants

Supporting Healthy Households:

This facet includes programs that address issues of food security, clothing needs, school needs, and health

  • Food Drives – High Holy day and Purim to Passover Food Drive
    • High Holy Day to go to Kennedy Krieger Institute (Baltimore City) 
    • Purim to Passover Food Drive to go to Community Crisis Center (Baltimore County) 
  • Seasonal Giving Drives 
    • FALL - School Supply Drive for Windsor Hill Elementary
    • WINTER - Gloves and Hats collection for Weekend Backpacks
    • SPRING - Clothing Drive for Grace Hospital
    • SUMMER - Camp Needs for St. Vincent Summer Camp
  • Weekend Backpacks at HSOSC 
    • Monthly project packing 600 bags of food for Weekend Backpacks, involving our JEM Religious School students and other congregants. HSOSC is responsible for funding $3,000 for each month's packing - donations can be made through HSOSC under the Weekend Backpacks at HSOSC link

  • The Shabbat Box Project

    • Monthly deliveries of items appropriate for Shabbat or various holidays are delivered to our seniors by our congregants
    • Congregants are needed to pack up boxes and to drive them to various locations in the Baltimore area
  • Bunches of Lunches
    • “First Mondays” with Religious School committing to packing 150 bagged lunches the Sunday before these collection
    • Need 3-6 volunteers for each Monday, with back up support of volunteers from Jewish Volunteer Connection
  • Community Produce Distribution - "Collaborating with Care"
    • Monthly drives (usually 3rd or 4th Sunday of the month, check schedule for specific dates)
    • Distributing bags of farm-fresh produce to those in need!
    • HSOSC volunteers are needed to staff this event
    • Donations can be made to the HSOSC TOPAZ Fund
  • Ronald McDonald House
    • Every other month program to host a meal at Ronald McDonald House following Covid guidelines 
    • This initiative is supported through the Schlenger/Pyser Fund
    • We welcome families and/or groups to adopt a meal or make donations to the HSOSC Ronald McDonald House fund under TOPAZ

Protecting Our Environment:

This facet includes programs addressing environmental sustainability

  • Community Garden with Ohr Chadash 
    • Beginning planning stages – likely 5 year project
  • Adopt A Highway on Brooks Robinson Drive
    • SUNDAYS - April 24, June 26, August 15, October 16 at 9:00 a.m.
    • Sign needs to be changed once temple name is finalized.
    • We welcome HSOSC committees and families to Adopt a cleanup!
  • Recycling and E-cyling
    • Bins for recycling at events
    • E-cycling of Computers and other items

Promoting Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

This facet includes programs and activities impacting equality, inclusion, voting rights and outreach.

  • Voter’s Rights for All 
    • We are beginning to partner with other Reform Congregations to support this movement in Maryland through lobbying efforts with Reform Action Coalition (RAC)
    • Consider outreach to Women’s Club and Brotherhood as partners
    • May consider a postcard writing day for other states if appropriate
  • Dignity Plus Project with Women’s Club 
    • Women’s Seder: Dignity Plus is part of the Women’s Seder Tikkun Olam education and collection
    • Follow up of showing the documentary, having a packing party etc.
    • Keeping products available in all appropriate restrooms
  • CASTE - Book Discussion and Education along with Bagels and Books
    • Need an initial date with breakout groups and further meetings.
    • Needs to be in person for this type of community building to be successful
  • Signage around Building to be discussed
    • Gender Neutral Bathrooms (Lounge bathroom) -completed
    • Women’s/Men’s bathrooms to indicate if handicapped accessible; have changing tables etc.
    • Signage that supports our LGBTQ plus community; our interfaith families, etc.


Looking for more opportunities? Connect with these community partners supported and loved by our members!

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Please email Sheryl Jacobs or Mina Wender if you do volunteer - we want to be able to thank you and hear about your experience.

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