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Gateway Tutorial

Want to Help Children In Need? Gateway Tutorial Needs You! 

The pandemic was a terrible time experienced by all and although our day to day functioning has returned back to normal, many of our young children have been left behind academically. During that horrific time, technology was a wonderful asset , but unfortunately for schools, it did not become consistent until months after the shut down and once schools created online schedules, not all students had devices or service to log in . Statistics has shown that on line instruction was not always the best modality to use for instruction with many students. Distraction, lack of attendance, and limited parental monitoring unfortunately resulted in schools reporting very low student achievement, especially in the areas of english language arts and math. Countless students lost valuable instructional time and the lack of prevention created gaps in learning that teachers today can’t go back and fill in from previous years.  

Gateway Tutorial will be one intervention to help fill the instructional voids for students. We need individuals who are willing to volunteer to tutor youngsters K-12 in a one to one setting in the areas of english language arts and math. We are not homework tutors, we are gap fillers. Interested?

Are you a retired teacher, former teacher, Math or English instructor, a college student willing to volunteer one or two hours per week to help bridge these instructional gaps?

Come bring your expertise and plant seeds of excellence in our youth! They NEED YOU!

We Need YOUR Helping Hands!

If interested, please contact us by email: or call 410-802-1112. Gateway Tutorial is located in Woodlawn housed in the Rebirth Tabernacles of Glory church. 

Fri, April 12 2024 4 Nisan 5784