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The Situation in Israel: Stay Informed Through Recommendations by Our Rabbi

Hundreds of thousands of Israelis are taking to the streets in protest of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's proposed judicial overhaul. It's a situation that matters deeply to us as American Jews, and also has a lot of moving parts. Below are a list of suggested readings, recommended by our Rabbi, and upcoming events  to help you stay informed on this critical subject. 

You can also watch a recording of Rabbi Sabath (and Rabbi Ofer Sabath Beit-Halachmi) giving an update on the situation here.

Suggested Readings:

Israel Judicial Reform: Whys is There a Crisis? - BBC News

In Or Akiva, Social Strife Driving Overhaul Conflict Rises to the Surface. - Times of Israel

News Analysis: Israel's Protests, Netenyahu and the Crisis his Government Unleashed. - Los Angeles Times

How Did Israeli Democracy Come Under Threat? Follow the Money. - The Forward

Between Civil Disobedience and Civil War. - The Shalom Hartman Institute 

Opinion: Unprecedented Events in Israel Hold Lessons for U.S. - Washington Post

Bnei Brak Presents: How to Turn a Tense Anti-Overhaul Rally into a 'Cholent Party'. - Times of Israel

Distinguished Voices: What's Our Role?


With all this upheaval, many of us American Jews might feel stuck in place. How can we affect change from thousands of miles away? How do we bridge the ideological and geographical divide with our brothers and sisters in Israel? What's our role in saving Israeli democracy? As part of our Distinguished Voices Speakers Series, we brought two Israeli activists to Har Sinai - Oheb Shalom to guide us in how we as American Jews can play an active and crucial role in building a better Israel.



The Tribes of Israel

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