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Infant, Pre-toddler & Toddler Goals

Infants, Pre-Toddlers

Learning Ladder’s youngest children are in the infant and pre-toddler classrooms. There they are nurtured and cared for by our professional caregivers, and are offered individualized schedules and activities in a consistent and reliable environment.

Communication with Parents

Communication between parents and teachers is our priority. Our teachers provide daily reports, which foster uniformity between the home and school and thus enable our children optimal growth and development.

Adult/Child Interactions

Our teachers facilitate activities including singing, storytelling and dramatic play. Each child receives individualized attention and is exposed to receptive, expressive and pragmatic language skills.


Multi-sensory activities are incorporated into our daily routine. Soft music, gentle interaction and talking are integrated for auditory stimulation. The pre-toddlers are introduced to simple arts and crafts projects, puppets, flannel boards stories and songs to help promote verbal stimulation and fine motor skills.


In the Toddler Room, our teachers work with children to help them further develop their social, language, mathematical, scientific and artistic skills, as well as introduce Judaic concepts.

Social Skills  Through play, children learn to interact with their peers and teachers.

Language – Children are encouraged to develop listening and speaking skills.

Mathematical Skills  Age-appropriate mathematical concepts are introduced and reinforced.

Scientific Thinking – Children are encouraged to learn about their environment through activities designed to foster experimentation and observation.

Judaic Studies – A positive Jewish identity and familiarity with Jewish celebrations and traditions is cultivated using stories and songs.

Physical Skills – Children are encouraged to develop fine and gross motor skills through age-appropriate activities and play.

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